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B-Net Networks


Business Support and Development Initiatives

Community Business Network

Community BNet facilitates interactive networking between people with an interest in supporting and developing the informal economy within the community.

These like minded people typically includes:

  • Owners or representatives from existing businesses in the community;
  • People interested to start a new small business in the community;
  • Entrepreneurs willing to share business experience;
  • Retired people willing to mentor or coach new entrepreneurs;
  • Community business owners thinking of closing down; 
  • People between jobs interested in business venture as an alternative income generation possibility; and
  • any person with an interest to improve and grow the informal economy in the community.

Community BNet maintains a discrete data base of participants offering support and requiring support.  Access to personal contact information is managed in a legally compliant manner. 

Business Advising, Mentoring, Coaching and Co-workers 

Any experienced person in the community interested in the growth and development of the informal business sector, the creation of new employment or alternative income generating opportunities or just passionate about developing peoples potential and are willing to share time on a voluntary basis are welcome to participate in this initiative.

Depending on the availability, people can participate as business mentors, business coaches and ad hoc business advisors.

There are also opportunities to manage or support the B-Net core functions as co-workers. There are also opportunities to start “water treading” businesses.  

Community BNet Blog

The development of the BNet Blog is currently in process. (Under construction) 

 Water Treading Business Concept 

  • Develop small businesses for people with entrepreneurial potential between jobs (People with energy do it for people without energy in support of the Jacob’s Well @Pharos reactivation process)
  • People qualifying and approved for access to Water Treading Business management support will be allowed to manage the small business with the support of B-Net while following their own full potential development. (Business or career)
  • The intent is that these small businesses should be handed to the next approved person requiring support when the current manager is no longer dependent on the income from this source. However, in the event of an individual growing the Water Treading Business in response to the personal long term plan, the business can be sold at a reasonable mutual agreed price. Funds generated by selling Water Treading Businesses will be used to fund new B-Net initiatives.

  Water Treading Businesses

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 General Conditions of Service: 

  • The B-Net services are provided for free under certain conditions. In principle clients that can afford to pay for services partly sponsor clients that cannot afford to pay.
  • B-Net management reserves the right to decline the rendering of services when the capacity of the company cannot support the need.
  • B-Net management reserves the right to terminate the services at any reasonable time where the behaviour or conduct of the person seeking advice makes it impossible to continue with the relationship. The decision of the chairperson of B-Net is final in this regard.
  • B-Net and its approved co-workers from the community do not accept any professional liability as no provision is made for professional indemnity insurance.
  • Persons seeking advice is free to obtain an independent second opinion at any time. However, the second opinion should not come from one of the approved co-workers of B-Net.
  • In the event that independent professional counselling is required, the person or business will be responsible for the cost associated with such services.
  • No public access is available to the personal information of the B-Net co-workers from the community. (Compliance with the POPI Act)
  • A complete set of specific conditions of service will accompany each service agreement.
  • B-Net is not VAT registered.


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