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B-Net Forum


 The B-Net forum provides the following opportunities to members:

a)     Access to talks and presentations by business and economic experts;

b)     Community business networking;

c)     Business promotion and network marketing;

d)     Interactive small business training and access to training material;

e)     Forum discussion via blogging a defined and engaged audience; and

f)       Access to other B-Net business support services.


Schedule of meetings 

Year Description Click to view file
2019 Scheduled Meetings



Date Description Click to view  File
22 Feb 2018 Forum Launch
 26 April 2018 Business Models   
31 May 2018 Informal Economy
28 June 2018 Real Time Incubation


1) Prikkel 1000 - Feb 2019 

 2) Share on the market square - Jul 2019


Training Sessions



Date Loaded Description of information or article Click to view
  23 April 2018  Marketing Strategy: Value Based Matrix Model
  23 April 2018  The four things a service business must get right
  23 April 2018  Thea Smit: Bemarkingsriglyne vir mikro-ondernemings
 31 May 2018  Gauteng Small Business Pilot Study 2006  
 26 Jan 2019  Prikkel 1000 Brochure  
 31 Jan 2019  Communicate your dream
 27 Jul 2019  Share on the market square: Brochure   








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